Digital Art Therapy, Computer Art Therapy, Tablet Technology, Smart Phones...Oh My!

WordPhoto App, image by Cathy Malchiodi ©2012
WordPhoto App, image by Cathy Malchiodi ©2012

For more than two decades I have been investigating the intersection between art therapy and computer-based and electronic technology. In 2000, I wrote a book called Art Therapy and Computer Technology: A Virtual Studio of Possibilities. Since that time social networking, tablet technology including iPad, smart phones and advancements in virtual reality have emerged. These developments continue to change the terrain of not only online communication, but also the possibilities for providing methods and materials for artistic communication within the context of art therapy. 


I created this page for the growing list of resources, emerging technology and associated practical, ethical and evidence-based issues associated with digital art therapy. I am currently working on a larger manuscript on this topic [and also see the Reference list for my current books, articles and chapters on this topic]. Please check back for new information and posts as this page develops! ~~ Cathy Malchiodi, PhD

ART THERAPY, DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIAL MEDIA webpage is now up and running! Be sure to visit for more information and to learn more about the HANDBOOK OF ART THERAPY AND DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY [publication date: June 2018].

Follow Digital Art Therapy Pinterest. One of the easiest and efficient ways to collect and post resources is via Pinterest boards; this one is devoted to digital art therapy and related topics of computer-based technology, virtual reality, ethics in the Internet age and more. Click here to find this page.


Also see the following post on Psychology Today, "The Art Therapy of Pinterest" for a short list of ideas and applications with clients and art therapy.

Digital Art Therapy and Autism. Autism seems to be one of the areas that is best suited to digital art therapy, perhaps even more so than traditional drawing materials and other media. Check back for more links to films and resources on this topic. Enjoy this film via YouTube on drawing and writing on a tablet format.

A Brief Digital Art Therapy Reference List
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