Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, LPCC, LPAT, ATR-BC

Art Therapy & Expressive Arts Therapy in Trauma-Informed Practice and Integrative Approaches to Health

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Art Therapy Changes Lives.

When words are not enough, we turn to images and symbols to tell our stories. And in telling our stories through art, we find pathways to wellness, recovery and transformation.

Welcome to My Website!

If you found your way here, you are probably as passionate about art therapy and expressive arts therapy as I am. Art has the potential to transform lives and often in profound ways; research is demonstrating that art improves not only our quality of life, but also is effective in reducing pain, fatigue and stress and increasing cognitive abilities and emotional well-being. This website is dedicated to the idea of "art therapy without borders" -- the use of visual arts and expressive arts for health and wellness, psychotherapy, community development, service to others, and social transformation. To that end I am an advocate and explorer of how art changes lives throughout the world, each and every day ~ Cathy A. Malchiodi, PhD

About Art Therapy & Expressive Arts Therapy

Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses art materials, such as paints, drawing, clay, collage and even digital media such as photography and tablet technology. Art therapy combines traditional psychotherapeutic theories and techniques with psychological, interpersonal and somatic aspects of the creative process and self-expression. In mental health, art therapy is used in many clinical settings with diverse populations including children, adults, and families. As a part of integrative health care, art therapy and expressive arts therapy (art, music, drama, movement, and writing) complement and support traditional and complementary health practices and interventions.

Books & Articles

Visit this page to find out more about art therapy, creative arts therapies and expressive arts therapy books and articles, including the best-selling Art Therapy Sourcebook, Handbook of Art Therapy (2nd ed.), and Understanding Children's Drawings and the forthcoming Art Therapy and Health Care (September 2012) from Guilford Press. Download articles and find links to other art therapy books by Cathy Malchiodi including translations in Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Turkish, and Korean.

Courses, Workshops, Supervision & Consultation

Find out more information about intensive courses, workshops and distance learning opportunities in art therapy and expressive arts therapy, including Trauma-Informed Art Therapy® and integrative approaches to arts therapies for health and well-being. Schedule art therapy and expressive arts therapy supervision (including distance supervision via Skype or Google) for students, new professionals and advanced professionals. For attorneys and courts, send a formal request for consultation or forensic expert opinion on children's and adults' drawings and art expressions, trauma-related issues and custody and criminal cases.

Trauma-Informed Art Therapy & Expressive Arts Therapy

Trauma-informed, arts-based therapies integrate neuroscience and neurodevelopment, somatic approaches, mindfulness practices, and resilience enhancement, using art making as the core approach. Trauma-informed expressive arts therapy is based on the idea that art expression is helpful in reconnecting implicit (sensory) and explicit (declarative) memories of trauma and in the treatment of PTSD (Malchiodi, 2003; 2008; 2012). In particular, it is an approach that assists the individual's capacity to self-regulate affect and modulate the body's reactions to traumatic experiences in the earliest stages to set the stage for eventual trauma integration and recovery.

Current News: ART THERAPY + HAPPINESS PROJECT Still Growing-- Register Now for 2014!

Who knew? The PROJECT is still growing and due to popular demand, the community has been re-opened and you can still register for the 2014 version, participate in online workshops, enjoy new art exchanges, and learn about art making and positivity from like-minded folks from over 30 countries throughout the world. Please visit the Trauma-Informed Practices & Expressive Arts Therapy Institute at for more information and details.