Publications by Cathy Malchiodi PhD

Find out more about new and upcoming books by Cathy Malchiodi PhD, or explore her bibliography of articles and chapters on expressive arts therapy, art therapy, play therapy, attachment, psychotherapy, resilience and trauma-informed practice. See Books and Bibliography for more information.

See Trauma and Expressive Arts Therapy for a description, ordering information and reviews. Here are some quotes from the book to get you started:


"Neurobiology has taught us that we need to “come to our senses” in developing effective components for addressing trauma...Expressive arts therapy releases the potential of the senses to “tell the story” of traumatic experiences via nonverbal, implicit forms of communication."


"Expressive arts help people discover just what forms of expression will be self-regulating, communicate their experiences in a reparative way, imagine restorative narratives, and ultimately support recovery."


"The expressive arts have a unique role in restoring a sense of vitality and joy in traumatized individuals because aliveness is not something we can be “talked into.” Instead, it is experienced in both mind and body and particularly on a somatosensory level."