Mental Health Day Podcast: Art Therapy

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Episode 72 from Guy Macpherson's Trauma Therapist Podcast Series at

Art as Therapy on National Public Radio

Listen to an NPR interview on art therapy for Jabulani Leffall on KCUR’s popular show, Central Standard. You can read about the interview at and listen to the broadcast; you can also listen to a podcast of the show right here. The interview also served as a promo for the TEDx Overland Park event that included a talk by Cathy on art therapy.

Art Therapy on Tokyo Today

Although it was first aired live in December 1995, the content is still fresh and relevant to the field of art therapy. It’s a good “what is art therapy” for the general public and related professionals. And besides, when is the last time you listened to a broadcast about art therapy during the morning rush hour in Tokyo? Your host is Jon Kabira and if you speak Japanese, you will get a chance to hear his description of art therapy at the beginning and end of the interview; the rest is in English. 

art therapy without borders | history from Y2000

Michael and Cathy were a lot younger when Cathy recorded this presentation! In Y2000 they noted the value of art therapists in service to others and Cathy explained the concept, “art therapy without borders” for the first time to conference attendees. The presentation is approximately 60 minutes in length.